How to use two sources?

We have the luxury of two related languages (one a literal translation and one a dynamic) we could use as a source, so one really would like to see the proposed translation of both. How can I set up multiple projects to benefit from multiple sources?

We don’t currently have a way of doing this, but I’ll bring this up with the team.

What I thought of is to create a 2nd paratext project for the 2nd source and thus have two LF projects side by side, each proposing based on their own source. The translator would need to manually adapt his text either in the 1st translation or in a separate 3rd Master text, based on yet another paratext project. What kind of workflow would you advice?

NB. I first thought I could change the source “as we go” but it turns out that training takes a long time and therefore switching sources (and re-training) in LF during the day is not practical.

When we go through the “onboarding” process for new projects to help them get set up for the best vernacular drafting results, we generally run through some tests to see which source translation text is likely to give the most usable drafts for the team. If there are several sources that seem similar in our quality checks, we may also create a draft from each source and share both drafts with the team, to let them decide which is best.

I’d recommend going through these onboarding steps together, before cloning your Paratext project, as I’d anticipate that one of the related language translations is going to provide noticeably better drafting results. With the different translation style used in these 2 related language translations, it’s not likely that both of them will result in good drafts. The onboarding steps will help us to investigate this.

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