How-to video for app users to make verse-on-image?

Has anyone made a video for app users that shows step-by-step how to create a verse on image? If so, would you be willing to share it?

See if this will work for you. It’s a few years old and about 2 min. If the link doesn’t work, please let me know. Also, once you have gotten it, let me know that too. For anyone else that may see this link, I will remove it after a week or two. I don’t want it taking up space on my Google Drive.

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Did you use ShareX to make this or something else?

This was made in 2021 using Camtasia - a 2020 version and Vysor ( Vysor lets you display the phone on a PC. Then I recorded the phone screen from my computer (Mac). The music was/is royalty free. Here is a link to a reduced file size version of the same thing.

Verse of the Day-rdcd.mp4 - Google Drive.

I trust it’s helpful.