Image and video save location?

In recent app builds, I don’t know where images are being saved.
In the file browser of my phone I have folders with the names of defunct apps and these have Verso on Image files, but apps that I have built recently don’t have folders named after them.
When I use the Verse on Image feature to save an image or video it says that it is saved but I can’t find them. I have tried searching the file browser for the name of the file (the file name can be seen briefly when it tells you that it is saved) but it can not be found.
I am able to share images and videos so for a workaround I ‘share’ them to my OneDrive or Google Drive in order to save them and this works fine.
Any ideas?

When I saved an image, it got saved to a folder the same name as the app. Though I had to do a search to find it. I’d try out another file manager if it is not finding it. I use an Asus file manager as it has features I liked when I had an Asus phone.

I have the same question Craig had (Sep '20), that when I use the scripture app to create a verse-on-image, and then click the icon for “Download”, it tells me that the image “has been saved”, but I can’t find it anywhere. In the internal storage I found a folder with the same name as the app (following McQuay’s suggestion), and there were a few images in there, but only from 2020, nothing in 2021, even though I’ve attempted to save images several times again. I can manage saving the image another way, but local users (for whom the app is intended) would not be able to figure this out. I think it would almost be better to not allow show the Download/Save option if users cannot retrieve the images for their own use. Is there a reason that the images are not saved in an obvious place? Maybe something to do with permissions? Or phone-specific problems?

I had assumed that it got saved to your camera roll (photo pictures). Can you check your photos app?

Yes, I have checked thoroughly, but the newly saved photos are not anywhere in the Photos/Gallery. This has been an issue throughout 2021. At some point in 2020 they were getting saved there (in Photos), and at that time a folder had been automatically created with the same name as the app. (In fact, one folder for each of the two versions of the app I have, since they have different names.) But nothing new has been added in 2021, even though I have still tried to save many images.
If I create a verse-on-image in the app and then share it, I can later save it from within the app that I shared it to (e.g. in whatsapp, or even into a “notes” app), and it will get saved into the photos/gallery folder for that app, or some generic folder in the photos/gallery like Downloads or Pictures. But sometimes a user wouldn’t want to share it immediately (or can’t, when not having internet), and so it should be automatically saving it to the photos app where it is easy for users to find (including local users less proficient at finding work-arounds).
Do you suspect this is a bug? Or maybe only a problem on certain phones?
One other interesting note is that the scripture app gives a notification that an image was created/saved, and I can open that from swiping down in the notifications area, but there is no way to save it or do anything with it, or see where the file was “saved” to, I can only just see what the image is.

I had forgotten about this as I normally share the images I make on Telegram and other channels and it ends up in my Gallery that way. It is also not a big problem as the app we have on the App/Play Store does not have the Verse-on-Image feature.
I was about to write what my phone does and what I have tried but it is described above.
In the file manager app I cannot find a folder with the app’s name.
The APK for our app with V-O-I is available on the app’s website if someone wants to try it.