Importing a Project

I want to import a project someone else created in Windows on a Mac as I was asked to create an iOS app. My original idea was to simply copy/paste the project folder and see if it lists when opening SAB

However, this doesn’t work. Is there a way to simply export/import a project?


PS: I’m actually using the Reader App Builder on my Mac, not SAB. But I would have guessed that the project settings are still the same.

In the .appdef file near the top it has a line:
<app-definition type="RAB">
If the type is SAB change it to RAB.
In RAB do file open and point it at the folder or the appdef file.

App Builders don’t list from a directory they keep a separate list. So you have to add it.

Thanks. That was easy. I missed the “Open App” option…