Importing bullet style from MS Word

There must be a rhyme and reason to this…

When I import a document with bulleted list from Word, I get USFM code in the SFM produced called \zuli1. However there is no corresponding style in SAB either standard or imported. Where does it come from?

I have found that if I add a custom style called .zuli1 I still retain the bulleted list, but can also change line spacing and font characteristics etc. Nice! But I’m still inquisitive!

Searching this list of USFM markers doesn’t yield any results, so it makes me wonder if the Word document is using a custom style called “zuli” or “zuli1”?

The funny thing is that the custom style isn’t created in SAB. I also just noticed that if I mark a line with \zuli2 then I get an indented bullet. Now that wasn’t even in the imported Word document, nor is it listed in any of the SAB styles!!

Still, it is nice to know there are inbuild bullet styles, even if they don’t show anywhere!!