In-App Messaging service

Probably you would have the information about the In-App messaging, that contains the link to the other apps for the same user or to the youtube channel or any website.

It will be great if the In-app messaging is abled in SAB like cloud messaging, so that we can share the link of our other apps/youtube channel/website to the users. Though these all can be added in drawer menu, but In-App messaging will surely effect the traffic to other apps. Also it won’t use much programming.

Please consider this feature request for upcoming version of SAB.

I have created an issue in our system to track your request.


I would like to add some use cases for this feature to motivate for it’s addition into SAB.

In-App messaging targets users that are in app and are actively using the app, these messages have two great features - in app links and external links. You can use Deeplinking to sent users to specific areas within the app or provide an external link to a website.

A great example I can think of is a church app. After Sunday service, an in-app message can provide an external link to a video of the service. During the week it can also send messaging to direct users to specific verses related to the sermon.

The functionality allows developers of the Bible app to send relevant messages to the users that provide up to date relevant links to scripture and external sources.

Another example would be to send in app messages to get feedback from users without the need of redeploying app with added links. I have wanted to send a once off message to all active users to complete a feedback survey, the only way to currently do it is to add a like in the navigation menu and hope they see it.

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It is noteworthy to note that SAB 11.1 has the In-App Messaging service integrated into it.
As of right now, my testing indicates that it is only compatible with Android devices, but we hope to have it working on iOS devices soon.

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