Include punctuation in gloss in interlinear layout

I’m assisting with an interlinear project. The base text is Greek with Urdu glosses.

In the Paratext Interlinearizer window, some Urdu glosses have additional punctuation added. For example, here in MRK 1:3


The punctuation is not included in the gloss in the layout from PTXPrint.


Is there something which could be done to preserve the additional punctuation in the layout?

Am I right in assuming that an archive created for this other issue would also suffice for this one?

Yes - this is the same project. I’ll send the archive. Thanks for the team’s help investigating this, when it’s possible.

Fixed in the next release. There are hidden depths to the interlinear text XML file format. I’m sure I will find more :slight_smile:

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How can I do the following for Punctuation in gloss|rb (Awami Nastaliq Font):

  1. Only punctuation appears in color
  2. Increase punctuation size
  1. Only punctuation appears in color
  2. Increase punctuation size

Do you mean punctuation in the sense of . , ! ? : etc? That sounds like you want to apply character level formatting (which can change the font, font-size, colour, etc) in the interlinear gloss. I’m fairly sure that’s not possible with the way we do glosses at the moment. Currently, an interlinear’s gloss is supplied as a USFM attribute:
\rb some word|gloss="the gloss"\rb*
I can say that certainly, trying to put USFM into the attribute utterly confuses TeX. I expect it is also a violation of the USFM standard, and it is thus probably not something we’d ever like to support.

It would probably be possible to persuade the Python script to interlinearise the text the other way around, i.e. make it produce \rb the gloss|gloss="some word"\rb*, but that would mean that any character-formatting in the main text would have to be stripped out.

Thus at the moment, I’m understanding this as a request to rework how we generate interlinears - probably a day’s work, maybe 3.
Does Paratext support supplying USFM character-formatting as part of a gloss? e.g. gloss YHWH as the \nd Lord\nd* If so, we’ll certainly need to do rework it.

Thank you David. I meant that and was thinking of some hook or hack for that if possible. I understand that is quite difficult especailly when PT is limited to not do so. In standard project yes we can use special usfm for highlighting the certain text but not in an Interlinearizer.
Thank you for explaining.