Include section headings for selected passages

I am selecting a number of passages by provided a range of verses and would like to have the section heading and range of verses before those verses to be included as well. How do I do that? Thanks

There are different techniques for selecting ranges of passages. I’m assuming that you’re doing it within PTXprint’s book-chapter-verse selector box?
If so, then yes, there’s an outstanding bug/feature that might have caught you.
Hopefully you’re seeing section headings when the verse is in the middle of a chapter, and you’re only seeing the problem when you’re including verse 1… that was the state last time I looked, anyway.
If you want preceding titles at verse 1, then you need to tell the range to start at verse 0. E.g. The feeding of the 4000 would not be MRK 8:1-9 but MRK 8:0-9

Yes, I am using PTXprint’s book-chapter-verse selector box.
Yes, section headings are visible in the middle of the sections selected.
Your suggestion is a helpful hint when the passage starts at the beginning of the chapter. However, what if I want to exclude verses at the beginning of the chapter because the section needed is verses 5-16 (for example) and I would like to include the section heading before verse 5? Does anyone know of a way to do that?

So you have something like:

\s1 Some Title
\v 5 This is the start of the new section

And you’re not getting the heading? That certainly used to work! What exact marker sequence do you have?

Thanks David,
Yes, that is the formatting in Paratext, but the when the range is given from (for example) 5-10, then the section heading is not included. The range has to begin at vs 4 to included the heading. However, I am now doing a different approach using modules in which I provide the section heading separate from the range of verses, which resolves the issue.

I’ve been following this discussion about section headings in modules, and I see that Mark has a workaround for the section headers that don’t appear. But when I use the \incstatement in a module all the section headings do appear in the PDF, even those before verse 1 in the text when I specify, for example, ‘JON 1:1-10’.

The \inc marker allows you to include, or exclude by omission, specific markers+text that are attached to a specific verse in your verse range. To exclude specific markers and their contents from the range, omit the marker from the \inc line. In this example footnotes, illustrations, section headings are included along with the verse text:


Note that you must specify ‘s1’ rather than ‘s’, etc., depending on which markers are in the text! See the Paratext 9 help topic: “More on the inc line”.

I’m not sure whether PTXPrint needs this statement when printing a module directly rather than via an XXx book set up with the module, but I’m mentioning it in case it’s helpful.

Thanks Kim,
I’ve tried it with modules, but it doesn’t seem to work. Apparently with modules, each line (/h /s) has to added to the file. The reference range only produces the verses

Yikes, very true, Mark! Looks like the earlier module printing problems I’d noticed are still cropping up. I will report more fully, but when I print my Jonah module containing 8 pics from its temporary XXG home it prints beautifully. When I print directly by specifying the module in PTXPrint I get no section headings, page headers, or illustrations.

To be noted: the figs are attached to \ref statements in the module itself, not in the Paratext JON book. I can probably dig up a module with figs attached in the PT book to test, but maybe after Christmas.

My module text contains no reference to the XXG book from which I first created and printed it. But on the PTXPrint Pictures page I’m looking at the pictures are all anchored to “XXG p001” etc. I can’t figure out how to change that anchor, but I’m guessing this is part of an overall problem with printing modules directly from PTXPrint, when they contain more than just the basic Scripture text references.

However, I don’t just want to complain… PTXPrint is even more translation-work-revolutionary than Mark P’s “Word Booklet Macros”, to go with the Word Scripture Templates, were back in the '90s… How many people even remember that era nowadays!

Blessings, all of you PTXPrint team!!!