iOS app crashes when only 2 languages selected in verse-by-verse multi-language mode

This is only on iOS.
If you choose the verse-by-verse multi-language option on my app but choose only 2 languages (it allows up to 3 so I mean leaving the 3rd option blank) it will crash when you tap ‘OK’.

If you choose a 3rd language it works fine.

I tried this with several different apps and could not recreate this problem. If you could send me a copy of the ipa file from the simulator or the project, I will be glad to look at it.

I have your app on my iPad and I can’t recreate the issue either

I figured out how to reproduce it on @CraigN’s app. It doesn’t happen immediately upon choosing verse by verse reading view and leaving the 3rd translation empty. Here are the steps I took to make it crash:

  1. Choose verse by verse option
  2. Choose a 3rd translation and click OK. The app redraws the display to show all 3 options.
  3. Go back to verse by verse/multi-pane settings and choose a blank translation for the 3rd option and click OK. This is when it crashes
  4. When I re-open the app, it is back to single pane view. When I go back to verse by verse mode and leave the 3rd translation blank and click OK, it crashes immediately now

So it doesn’t have a problem with leaving the 3rd translation blank at first but after it has a problem, you can’t get back to only showing 2 translation in verse by verse mode.

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