IOS Apps Crash on IOS 13.3

The apps developed with Scripture App Builder 6.1 crash on IOS 13.3 . I tried Ipad (IOS 13.3) and Iphone 11 and noticed that on both devices it crashes repeatedly. Can you fix this please?

We are hoping the 6.2 comes out soon. It will have updated iOS software. Can you wait and retest with the new one?

@getz Please share your project with me via dropbox or google drive and send an email to chris_hubbard at sil dot org with the link. We are about to release 6.2 and I would like to test your project.


I built a sample app with SAB 6.1 installed on my iPad Pro 9.7 running iOS 13.3 without any problems. Maybe there is something specific about your project.

Thanks. I will send you the error log I got in Emulator and Real Device

@getz It would help much more if you send me your project.