iOS apps - warning from Apple about "Missing API declaration"

We are recently getting a warning from Apple when we are submitting new apps to App Store Connect. It goes like this:

ITMS-91053: Missing API declaration - Your app’s code in the “LaBibleenRomanes” file references one or more APIs that require reasons, including the following API categories: NSPrivacyAccessedAPICategoryFileTimestamp. While no action is required at this time, starting May 1, 2024, when you upload a new app or app update, you must include a NSPrivacyAccessedAPITypes array in your app’s privacy manifest to provide approved reasons for these APIs used by your app’s code. For more details about this policy, including a list of required reason APIs and approved reasons for usage, visit:

It seems that this will come into effect in May. @ChrisHubbard @david_moore1 are you aware of this?