iOS: Requires "Apple ID"


There has been some confusion about the “Apple ID” field in the IPA configuration page. This is not your email address when logging into Apple services. It is a unique number associated with your app in the App Store.

There are two different features that require the Apple ID field to be filled in:

  • Share link to app on Apple App Store (on Feature > Sharing page)
  • Rate the app (on Feature > Menu Items page)

The “Apple ID” comes from the App Store Connect configuration. You will first have to create an app in App Store Connect. Once it is created you, view the configuration and then click on the “App Information” entry on the left side of the page (if your page is narrow, then there is a dropdown just under the app name).

In the “App Information” section, there is a “General Information” section with the Bundle ID, SKU, and Apple ID. The Apple ID will be a nine or ten digit number (I need to update SAB’s text description).

Here is where the configuration is added to Scripture App Builder.

I hope this helps.


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Hello Sir,

Please, which version of SAB has the IPA and the Signing (iOS) functions as indicated in the image in the post above?

I just saw this post and was so excited but didn’t see the functions in the old version that I had on my system but later went ahead to download the latest version 8.6.5 but didn’t see the functions on it

Please, kindly help out on this.

And, must one have an Apple ID even if one intends to make the iOS app available for download on one’s server?

Thank you and GOD bless…


There are available in the Mac version of the apps. You need a Mac to be able to build and upload iOS apps to Apple App Store.


Ok sir…

But, why not in the Windows version too?

I don’t have a Mac or iOS device but I discovered that the ePub that I compiled with SAB don’t work on iPhones when I tried it on a friend’s phone. It didn’t work in the ePub readers on my system too when I tried to tried to test it.

So, how really does it work? On what OS?

I’m presently using the Web App version to serve serve some people with with iPhone for one of my project but I don’t feel comfortable with it as I’d to use a login and registration system to prevent intruders but I’m still not comfortable as I would have preferred an app like the APK too for the iOS devices.

Thank you for the usual support sir.

May GOD continue to bless you and your team with HIS wisdom and understanding in Jesus name.

This is a restriction that Apple created, it is not an SAB or SIL thing. No software developers can create an iOS app on a Windows or Linux device.
I share your frustration and went through the same process. For a while I did most of the work on my Windows device and once the app was ready for an update I borrowed a colleague’s Mini Mac and transferred the project onto that to test on Simulator and upload to App Store Connect.
I eventually bought a Macbook as I needed to work from home during lockdown. I didn’t want to as this is the only thing I need a Macbook for and my Windows laptop worked fine, but there are enough iPhone users in my target audience that it seemed worth it.
Without knowing your situation we can’t tell you if it is worth the money.
When this topic has come up elsewhere the PWA option is often mentioned, it will work on an iPhone, they can read and listen but none of the other features work.
You can get a used Macbook or a new MiniMac for not too much money, and you can make the Android version on that as well so you might no longer need you Windows computer. Hope that helps.

Hello @multichoicehub,

Just to let you know, I understand your desire to use the Windows computer that you have. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find solutions that would allow Windows or Linux to build the iOS version of our app. Unfortunately, the development tools needed (Xcode) to do the work only exist on macOS. Also, the tools to upload to the Apple App Store only works on macOS.

Chris Hubbard

Thank you sir…

Quite appreciate your kind words of encouragement.

GOD bless…