[ iOS | SAB 5.x ] No audio player

Hello everyone,

After update SAB 4.7 => 5.1 I do not see in iOS Simulator audio player “on\off”-button.

I tried enable player by default – no result.

On Android device all is OK.

I try downgrade to 5.0 – no button\panel
Downgrade to 4.7 – all is OK (same config file).

May be for SAB 5.x needed “new” some option/checkbox?


I have 3 audio sources

  1. Download from the internet by https:// … link
  2. FCBH (NT)
  3. FCBH (OT)

I have 2 Audio-sources for “Bibles”

  1. to 1st Books sources: Audio Source #1
  2. to 2nd Books sources: Audio Source #2 & #3


I have been able to reproduce the problem and am looking to find the source and get a fix made.

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