Is there a way to control which quote marks are included in audio highlighting?

I’m trying to use synced audio in an RTL project, but SAB seems to assume a left quote is an opener and a right quote is a closer. In the following image, the non-quote text is highlighted together with the quote marks from the adjacent quote text:

Is there any way to fix this? I’m leery of tinkering with the phrase-ending characters, as we’ve already done our fine-tuning of audio files, and I’m nervous that such changes could require us to do a complete redo of that (e.g. by breaking phrases on every quote). Or is there a way around that?


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Have you checked that it indeed does do what you would expect with LTR text?

Yes, I’ve confirmed that it works properly for LTR text. In that case, the left quote is indeed the opener and the right quote is the closer.
For RTL, however, as you can see in the image, it includes the closing left quote of the preceding phrase and the opening right quote of the following phrase in the highlighting around a phrase that is not a quote at all.

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This needs fixed! (as they would say in Northern Ireland).

We have made changes in SAB 4.7 which I hope will fix this. Please try it out and let us know if it works. Thanks for reporting it!

Thanks so much, Richard! We sure appreciate this! :grinning: