Is there a way to customize HTML output?

There are certain changes that I’d like to apply to every chapter’s Export-to-HTML page, first to add a “Home” button (to navigate to the root of the site that contains these Scripture pages and more) and then to use navigation buttons that look more up-to-date than the Late ASCII-Art Age.

That is, for this RTL project, instead of this:
we want it to look like this:

My question is whether there is any built-in hook to call a script, or any other way of specifying HTML changes? If not, could there be? Or perhaps these specific changes could be effected via checkboxes on the Export-to-HTML Settings?

(Also, the other change I’d love to see to the HTML output: It would be all-upside-with-no-downside if the index.html page was smart enough to handle a scripture reference.)

For the navigation buttons, these are the changes required:

To include the Font-Awesome stylesheet, Find:

(?<=href="css/sab-stylesheet\.css" />)

Replace with:

\n<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

To add the Home button, Find:

(?<=<div class="navigation-top">)

Replace with:

\n  <span class="button"><a href='../../' title='Home'>&nbsp;&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-home"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;</a></span>

To display double rightwards arrow for Previous Book, Find:

(?<=title='Previous Book'>&nbsp;)&lt;&lt;

Replace with:

&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-fast-forward"></i>&nbsp;

To display single rightwards arrow for Previous Chapter, Find:

(?<=title='Previous Chapter'>&nbsp;&nbsp;)&lt;

Replace with:

&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-step-forward"></i>&nbsp;

To display single leftwards arrow for Next Chapter, Find:

(?<=title='Next Chapter'>&nbsp;&nbsp;)&gt;

Replace with:

&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-step-backward"></i>&nbsp;

To display double leftwards arrow for Next Book, Find:

(?<=title='Next Book'>&nbsp;)&gt;&gt;

Replace with:

&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-fast-backward"></i>&nbsp;

Sorry, there is not a way to customise the output from Export to HTML at the moment.

But please note that we are working on a new PWA (progressive web app) version of the app which will look much better and will be more functional than the current ‘Export to HTML’. When the PWA is released (quite soon now), the ‘Export to HTML’ will continue to be available as a testbed for app builders and will not be intended for use in publishing.

First: thank you very much for the long-time work of all of you on SAB.

Then about this Topic:
Is not it a limitation of PWA that it is supported by few browsers: chrome and Edge?
Will the PWA be a help regarding the MENU issues. that have been around for a long time now, although the MENU of the HTML export it is not too bad, but indeed is a problem, when you get many Front matter and BackMatter and. which does not even give OT / NT …?
By the way for us Export HTML is VERY important in publishing easily to our site, despite the drawback of the menu!