Issue with syncing section headings in partial chapters

I have text and audio for Luke 8:4-15, and I have synced them using Aenaes. Under “Book” > “Portions”, I’ve specified Luke 8:4-15. The problem is that when I view the chapter, the section heading preceding verse 4 is cut off, even though it is in both the source text and the audio.

When I just specify Luke 8 under “Book” > “Portions”, the section heading is included, but this results in a problem with the audio syncing. I’ve tried resyncing it, but it doesn’t work. It comes out where the section heading is not synced properly and the phrases all become non-clickable. (I have a video demonstrating this, but was unable to link it in this post because I’m a new user.)

Is there some work-around to this problem?


If you send me a Personal Message it may let you post it there.