Issues with Cross-references in PWA Modern

Here is a portion of the text from our Topical Index in the back of our Bible:

\id TDX - Selaru
\h Indeks Bertopikke
\toc3 Topik
\toc2 Indeks Bertopikke
\toc1 Indeks Bertopikke
\rem zthumbtab TOPIK
\c 1
\p Ti neke rawahuk ayat mamin ti Kitab Lanke ma klyosu ksalanare ma ity.
\m \k Kolnye tbuma the Hulasokwe, desikemo tbaca ayat nekre\k*:
\mi \xt Kis. 14:14-17; 17:22-31\xt* | \xt Rm. 1:18-23; 11:33-36\xt* | \xt 1Kor. 8:4-6\xt* | \xt Mrk. 12:29-30\xt* | \xt Yoh. 4:23-24\xt* | \xt 1Tim. 1:17; 6:15-16\xt* | \xt Ibr. 4:13; 10:30-31\xt* | \xt Yak. 1:17\xt* | \xt 1Ptr. 1:14-17\xt* | \xt 1Yoh. 1:5; 4:7-12; 4:16\xt* | \xt 2Kor. 1:3\xt* | \xt Yud. 24-25\xt* | \xt Why. 4:8-11; 15:3-4\xt*.
\m \k Kolnye tbuma the Hulasokwe Ananke, neke Yesus Kristuske, desikemo tbaca ayat nekre\k*:
\mi \xt Yoh. 1:1-18\xt* | \xt Flp. 2:5-11\xt* | \xt Kol. 1:15-20; 2:9-10\xt* | \xt Ibr. 1:1-14\xt* | \xt Rm. 1:3-4\xt* | \xt 2Kor. 4:4-6\xt* | \xt Luk. 1:26-38\xt* | \xt Gal. 4:4-5\xt* | \xt Mat. 16:13-17\xt* | \xt Yoh. 5:19-29; 6:35-40; 11:25-27; 14:5-11; 17:1-5; 20:26-31\xt* | \xt Kis. 3:13-16; 4:10-12\xt* | \xt 1Yoh. 2:1-2; 5:20\xt* | \xt Why. 19:11-16\xt*.
\m \k Kolnye trekan o Hulasokwe lema hyaduli ity, desikemo tbaca ayat nekre\k*:
\mi \xt 1Yoh. 4:9-10\xt* | \xt Rm. 5:8\xt* | \xt Yoh. 3:16\xt* | \xt 1Tim. 2:3-6\xt* | \xt 2Ptr. 3:9\xt*.
\m \k Kolnye trekan o lema taka ity wait lim o sal, desikemo tbaca ayat nekre\k*:
\mi \xt Rm. 3:10-12; 3:23-24; 5:12\xt* | \xt Gal. 3:22\xt* | \xt 1Yoh.

It looks like this when run through the OLD PWA method:

It looks like this when run through the Modern PWA:

Something got messed up with the cross-reference links. Maybe the | character is not liked? (We used it because it looks nice.)

It works fine in the Android app too:

All the blue hyperlinks work. The black ones are for future books once they are added to the collection, these black links become blue and link up automatically.


Thank you so much for trying it out and verifying features in the app. Is this project in Scriptoria? Can you share the org and project number? I will take a look at these and create issues for them.


Thank you, that would be great!
Yes, the Selaru project on Scriptoria is called “slu-Alkitab Selaru ” and its project ID: 2017 .
The org is Kalaam Media . The store is “Alkitab Maluku (inherited store)