Jesus video in it's own drop down category/book

I want our Jesus videos to run from it’s own drop down category/Book (eg: Videos) I have got it working in Glossary but not in its own category/Book. I need help here

I have successfully run Jesus video within our android Bible app by selecting glossary within category/book and having them located at the end of the Glossary. Our Jesus video is cut up into 12 segments and all 12 videos thumbnails I can see and when you tap on them they run and play the video from YouTube. However I want it’s own category (like Genesis-Revelation, Glossary).

I tried using book xxC from Paratext and naming it as Video. In the setting of SAB in

in Edit Video window
Placement tab
position: I have tried selecting: “At top of page, At bottom of Page, before, after”.
Book Collection: I have selected Main Collection (lbj):
Book: I have selected XXC-Video; "
Chapter “1” and for verse “1” (and also have selected Chapter black and verse blank).
I can see the category/book within my app as “Video” but when I open it I don’t see the videos.
How can I get the videos to work from within its own book?

I’ve fixed my problem. I had to put 12 verses into the category/book and have each video assigned to a different verse. Now all the thumbnails are showing and when I click on one of them the movie will start from Youtube.

If there is a public place where people can download the app, can you post the link?

Yes it is on Google Play store as Ladakhi Bible. And the Jesus film in on Youtube on my private channel.

Is there any way of having a Book Mark (eg: Jesus film which I have as part of an additional book like glossary) already in the Book Mark when it is initially installed. That is I want it to be as a permanent book mark so that when people download the app and look around the app they will find in Book Marks “Jesus video part 1” (first 12 minutes of Jesus film in Ladakhi). After tapping on it they go to where I have placed the 12 parts of Jesus film they can then start watching it from within the app.