Make it easier to use extended footnotes with embedded cross-references

One of the most-downloaded SAB apps is a Study Bible by Grace Ministries, India, with extended footnotes. These notes often have embedded cross-references in them [which are wonderful - as the user can follow the trail and read the supporting scripture passages]. When they click on the back button, you come back to the previous/original note that you were reading [which is also great] BUT the note scrolls back to the top, and so they have to scroll down through the note again to find where they were up to and continue reading from there.

So, I’m suggesting that it would be far better (and a lot less annoying) if the app returned the user to the previous note IN THE SAME vertical POSITION.

I see what you mean… because some of the notes are quite long. Make sure you put a vote on this feature request, if you want the developers to see it.

Yes, of course this very nice for study bibles … and we have 2 APPs which are of that type and it would be very helpful if this could be implemented.

I hope this counts as a vote!