Managing Project Users

How can I delete a user that I set up?
How can I correct the spelling of a User?
Can the administrator, transcriber, and reviewer can be in different locations/countries?

Sadly, you can’t delete users quite yet. We’ll be including that feature in a few weeks. However, you can change the name of a user by going to Project Settings > User Details (for the user), and editing the name field.

Lastly, our current capabilities for working remotely are very limited. The application can work with many users, but they must all use the same computer. In order to work on multiple computers, you’ll want to break up the translation work into chunks (e.g., per book) such that no two computers are working on the same chunk at a time. It’s a lot of work right now, but we do have it on our development schedule to make it significantly easier to work on many computers.


  1. You can’t yet.
  2. You can.
  3. You can’t yet.