Maps (figures) in Front Matter

I’d like to add a map to the front matter in a book.

The figure (and the front matter in general) aren’t in PT. Rather I’m trying to add them directly into PTXprint.

In the Front Matter section of PTXprint, I’ve added

\rem ----------Page vi----------------
\periph Maps
\fig |src="map.png" size="page" pgpos="t"\fig*

I’ve gotten it to find the file by putting it in the local\ptxprint\config\tmpPics folder, but it seems like there ought to be a better (more permanent) location. Where does PTXprint search for images?

More importantly, the file isn’t printing and I’m getting a line in my log which says.
Placement for image 1(at FRT0.1) could not be understood. Image Lost!
Any ideas why?

You can add a path to the image file, and it should pick it up from there, for example:

\fig |src="C:\My Paratext 9 Projects\XYZ\local\LogoGrayscale.jpg" size="col" pgpos="h" scale="0.18"\fig*

As far as I know, this will work even if Pictures are turned off for the publication.

Thank you. I had hoped to avoid absolute paths, but I’m not sure it really matters. Just one of those things I try to avoid without any defendible reason. Anyway, that works fine.

I figured out why my original code wasn’t working, though. The problem was the pgpos='t' part. When I changed that to pgpos='h', it worked fine.

I think PTXprint normally populates the local figures from figures in {Paratext}/{project}/figures. It is entirely possible, however, that that only works if the figure is listed in the piclist.
You can use relative paths, rather than absolute ones, e.g. “…/…/…/figures/map.png”, which would make it more transferable.

If you have pictures enabled for the publication, you should be able to put \zfiga|intromap\* in the USFM, use the normal piclist editor with an anchor ref of 'INT intromap (I believe).