Maps of the Bible - how not to reduce them in size

Dear colleagues,

We really like the option to reduce the size of illustrations in the app. It makes it easy to influence the the size of the final app in this way. No need to manually alter the size of 100+ images. But there is no exception to the rule at the moment.

Looking at the full-page maps like Israel in the time of Jesus etc, that are usually included in the physical Bible, in the app these become too blurred in the end-result when the box “reduce all illustrations to xxxx dpi”. Names of cities etc cannot be read, defying the purpose of including maps.

It would therefore be nice to be able to, exceptionally, allow for a bigger size image. Maps could thus be assigned a higher quality to become readable.

Warmly recommended,

I don’t have any idea of whether your problem can be solved within SAB.

But I’d probably just do it externally. I’d reduce the size of the pictures that I actually wanted smaller, and then leave the others full size. Then, inside SAB, I wouldn’t let the program reduce the size of anything.

“Manually altering the size of 100+ images” should not be too difficult. There are plenty of programs that do this in bulk. I personally use Image Resizer inside of Microsoft’s PowerToys, and a function built into my file explorer (Directory Opus). Both options give me a contextualized menu in Explorer. So I can highlight all the files, right-click, choose the image resizer, and all the files I highlighted get changed at once.

Hello James,

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, it is possible to manually bulk-reduce images. But that will also require storing and administering a separate set of reduced images. A mixup is quickly achieved. I was pointing out a nice-to-have extra feature, on top of the existing bulk-reduction feature. I hope the feature request will receive a following, although I doubt it since the “traffic” on this forum is quite low …


Ah, that makes sense. Sorry, I missed that you had marked this as a feature request.

Yes, it does make sense to be able to mark some images as reducible and others as not (recently they added in the feature of making some images zoom-able and others not, which was absolutely wonderful).

Thank you for this feature suggestion, Bart. It is a good idea and will be in the next version.

This feature is now available in 11.0.4. Please try it out and let us know if it works OK. Thanks!

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