Marginal Verse Settings

Hello All,

I’m new to using PTXPrint but can’t find this answer in the help, search, or forum:

Marginal Verse Bridges: Normal verse bridges are printed as 43-47 which is good. With marginal verses you get 43 47 with the second number dropped below the first and straddling the line. This can be confusing. In proofing people aren’t reading this as a bridge but thought verses were missing. Is there a way to include the dash after the first number like we have in normal verse bridges?

I found where Mark posted how to add the verse marker in the mods. Mark’s code and instructions for where to add the code was easy to follow and very helpful.

Welcome @Craig_Webb to this forum. Nice to have your question, and thanks for digging around for a solution before posting. Much appreciated!

I am by no means an expert, and the other two developers are currently away; so just based on some information tucked away in [this ‘snippets’ document], (, it appears that you should be able to turn ON the hyphen (for marginal verses) by adding this line to your ptxprint-mods.tex file:


However, in testing that myself, it doesn’t seem to change anything. So I await further instructions from MH or DG in due course.

While we’re waiting, could you clarify whether you want the bridged verses 29-31 below to appear like (a):


or (b):


or something else entirely?

(a) is the standard way we have handled bridges in the past using InDesign.

Thank you for helping in this!

For some reason the meaning of \versehyphentrue had been inverted. This will be fixed in the next release.

Hello Martin,

The hyphen is now working for some verse bridges but not others.

For verse bridges that skip a number it works fine. For verse bridges where a number isn’t skipped the hyphen is still missing.

In this screen shot is an example. The hyphen is showing for 69-71 and 73-75, but not for 76-77 which is marked as a verse bridge in Paratext. The Khamti Shan project has a lot of verse bridges which don’t skip a number. This generates an inconsistency that could be confusing for marginal verse projects that contain a verse symbol in the text as people would expect two symbols instead of one for 76-77.

Would you like me to submit the project through the bug reporting system in PTXPrint?

Dear Craig,

We’re getting there. Yes send me a project. But I won’t get to it for 10 days since I am on holiday and don’t have my computer with me.


I did wonder why it was programmed that way, yes, that’s what the code says. If Mark wants to be brave, there’s a line that could be removed… about 2 lines away from where Martin’s recent change.
There is a counter set to the start verse and then incremented. Getting rid of the increment would give the desired behaviour.

I’m not near a computer to do it until late on Sat.

No rush. I’m just learning the program, not working on an active project.


Thanks Martin!

No rush as I’m still learning and trying different things, not working on an active project.


@Craig_Webb Thankfully this was a simple 1-character fix (thanks @David_Gardner) so it will be available in 2.3.33 which should be available later today.


It’s working for my test project as well.

Thanks to everyone who helped fix this!