Missing string for error message

The error message “Failed to prepare audio file” is produced when the URL specified is not found. However, this string is not in the Strings list, so I am unable to include a localized translation.

This is different from the string:
$ Audio_Fail_DBT_Location
en: Failed to get audio download information

Hi Ed,

The Strings list is for translations in the phone app. Just to clarify, is this error occurring in the App Builder or the app?


The message “Failed to prepare audio file” appears in the app at the bottom of the screen when an audio file is not found on the internet.


I see the hard-coded string in the source code. This needs a resource so that it can be translated. I will see what I can do. The message “Failed to prepare audio file” doesn’t seem to be to helpful to the user. I will talk to Richard about an appropriate string.

Thank you for reporting this!