Missing updated Video instructions in 5.1 Building Apps PDF

Below please find the missing section 6 Video from the Scripture-App-Builder-02-Building-Apps.pdf. It was in the 5.0 release but is missing in the 5.1 release, after I added bookmarks.

I’ll let you know when and where you can pick up the full version.

6. Video

6.1. How do I include videos in the app?

The app can handle two types of video:

  • Videos hosted online for streaming, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Jesus Film videos, and MP4 streaming video files.

  • Videos for offline use, MP4 files which can be packaged within the app assets, distributed on memory cards, or downloaded from the internet for use and sharing offline.

To add an online video:

  1. Select the Video page in the app builder.
  2. Click Add Video…
  3. Enter the video URL in the Online Address field, e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABcDEdGHiJ.
  4. Specify a title (optional).
  5. Select or modify the thumbnail image on the second tab.

To add an offline MP4 video file:

  1. Select the Video page in the app builder.
  2. Click Add Video Files…
  3. Select the MP4 video files to add.
  4. Double-click on each video to edit its title (optional) and thumbnail image.

The next thing you need to do is tell the app builder where to insert and display the videos.

6.2. How do I specify where the videos will be displayed within the app?

There are three ways of inserting videos into the text:

  • Placement within Scripture: Use the third tab, Placement, in the Edit Video dialog to
    specify a position within a chapter of Scripture: before or after a given verse
    or at the top or bottom of a page.

  • Video markers in SFM book files: Use the \video marker, together with the
    ID of the video within an SFM book file, e.g.

    \s This is a sub heading  
    \p Here is an example video to view:  
    \video V1  
    \p Here is another video:  
    \video V2
  • Video markers in Word documents: Use the word VIDEO:, together with the ID of the video within a book’s Word document, e.g.

    This is a sub heading
    Here is an example video to view:
    VIDEO: V1

    Here is another video:
    VIDEO: V2

    The VIDEO: tag should be at the start of a new paragraph, and include a colon (:slight_smile: before the video ID.

Getting a YouTube link

If you are using a YouTube online video, here are the steps to get the direct video link.

  1. Click on the Share link (circled in bright yellow).

  2. Click on the Embed link (circled in bright yellow).

  3. Click the COPY button in the bottom right corner (circled in bright yellow).

  4. Paste the Embed text into a text editor (NotePad) and just select and copy the equivalent part to what is highlighted in blue. The part after the src=" and before the next double quote ". It may wrap onto a second line if your editor window is small.

  5. Now in SAB In the Video section click Add Video… button and paste the video source link into the Online Video box.

This technique can be used for other sources too, it will look a bit different.

Checking if permissions are set for online videos

  1. If the App > Permissions does not contain the following:

  2. Then go to Analytics > Analytics Settings and check Enable Analytics. You don’t have to add an analytics account unless you want analytics as well.

Happy app-ing.

I have a comment. When I use YouTube links in the format https://youtu.be/tM8Fe2cenpQ it enables me to grab a thumbnail image in SAB. The grabbing doesn’t work when I use the link you recommend above.