More flexibility with glossaries

It would be good if a glossary could be hidden completely (except for the pop-ups in the text). It would also be great if there was a possibility to add several glossaries to one book collection (perhaps adding them after the book or section of Scripture they relate to).

Here is my rationale:
Sometimes an app brings together different books from different translators over a longer period of time. These books may have separate glossaries that are different in character. E.g. one is NT terms that aren’t relevant for (or even different from) OT books. One glossary may be more a list of difficult or unknown words whereas the other has theological terms. So it doesn’t always work to combine all of these terms into one glossary. After all, an app is a vehicle for incremental publishing where projects can publish “ahead of time” when not all details are sorted out yet.

So do you want the same markup \w word\w* for each GLO? If so that will slow things down as it does not know which one to look in and will need to look in them one at a time till it finds it. Though if an index is created during app creation that would make it faster.

Would it not be better to combine the three types and format them differently so it is obvious which type it is.

I suppose the markup could be different, if that works better.

Not sure how to combine the glossaries and at the same time clearly distinguish between the different types. I guess the fear is that the user might get confused and in the worst case distrust the publication if he/she perceives inconsistencies or seeming contradictions.