Moving App Content Instructions

Scriptoria allows you to publish Android apps to Google Play. There are parts of the publishing process that Scriptoria cannot automate:

  • creating the app store entry
  • associating the initial AAB with the app store entry
  • entering the app content policies (privacy policy, content ratings, target audience, etc)
  • entering the store settings (email, phone number, website)

Once the app is live, most of the updates can be automated (except when the app is rejected).

In the past, we would delay instructing the user to enter all of the app content policies until the end of the process in the “Make It Live” step. Recently, the Google Play Store API that we use to publish the Play Store Listing information (that is included in the Publishing page) has started failing if the app content policies are not set first.

We have move the instructions for entering the app content policies from the “Make It Live” step to the “Create App Entry” step earlier in the workflow. Please make sure to enter all the app content policies before preceding, otherwise the publish of the Google Play Store listing information will likely fail.


Chris Hubbard