Moving Chapter Numbers above section heading

The \c ## comes before the \s xxxx in the SFM, but PtxPrint puts the Chapter number larger and inline with the first paragraph after the section heading.

\c 1
\s भ्रन्‍सी चिमुला प्रभु येशू
\li1 \bd को: \bd*

Screenshot 2022-03-17 163541

How do I disable the special positioning and size of Chapter number.

I changed the font size in “\C Style” to 1.0 (from 1.5) but it had no affect.

If you want a heading-like chapter like “Chapter 1”, then you can put:

\cl Chapter

before \c 1 in the USFM.
If you want the order different, something more like Hungarian’s
“1. Fejezet”, where the number comes before the chapter, then in `ptxprint-mods.tex" you would also put:

\def\MakeChapterLabel#1#2{#2. #1}

If you want to just have the number, then the \cl line could be, for instance \ZWNBSP (zero width non-breaking space).

For completeness, if you want The First Chapter as a title, or something similar, then you would put:

\cl The first Chapter

AFTER the relevant chapter number.

There’s actually a place in the UI to control this at the end of the Body tab. The tooltips tell you what to do. Normally this kind of different chapter styling is done for Poetical books (such as PSA and PRO), but if you leave the book list empty, it should apply to all books.

As it expects a “Chapter”-like label, if you don’t put anything in there, it probably won’t do what you’re expecting. So the \ZWNBSP hack puts in an invisible but valid character before the number.

What I don’t know is how to make a chapter appear between two pieces:
e.g. - 1 -

or how to have the chapter label come after the number:
e.g. 1va adyayam

Maybe it isn’t even possible…

Chapter number between dashes, ignoring any “Psalm” or other \cl contents (but still needing a \cl somethng to trigger it):
\def\MakeChapterLabel#1#2{- #2 -}
Including any \cl contents, before the number:
\def\MakeChapterLabel#1#2{- #1 #2 -}

Label afterwards, with ‘va’ ‘magically’ appearing after the number:
\def\MakeChapterLabel#1#2{#2va #1}
(lets you end up with 2va capitolo, 3va ghili, etc)

In other words, you end up seeing what’s in the curly brackets, and #1 is replaced by the text of the \cl, and #2 by the chapter number.

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(all of those \def… things go into ptxprint-mods.tex, I forgot to say, sorry.)

By the way… if someone wanted TeX to to automatically provide a varying suffix, like English’s 1>1st, 2>2nd 3>3rd, 111-> 111th, 121 → 121st etc. then it gets fairly tricky. First the number would need to be re-interpreted to be a number (as opposed to text, as it is now), and then someone would need to supply the correct logic, or maybe an \ifcase for all values up to 150.