Multi-voice recordings

There is a testimonial on the HearThis page about using it for multi-voice dramatizations. How does one do this? And is there a tie in with Glyssen?

The HearThis’ Getting Started page does explain that it uses the output of Glyssen for multi-voice recording. These files have a glyssenscripts extension. But I think that page could be a little more explicit about how actually to get started. In HearThis, click the little “Open” icon near the upper-right corner of the main screen, located between the Save icon and the UI language chooser drop-down menu. (The tool tip is “Choose Project”.) There, below the list of available Paratext projects, are two links. The second one (“Open GlyssenScript for dramatized recordings”) will allow you to navigate to and select a glyssenscript file.

HI Steve, If you have not considered working with FCBH for a multi-voice recording, it may be worth considering. You can outsource most of the recording to them without any cost to you. They can create the multi-voice script from paratext, send a recording team, and complete a NT in 6-8 weeks usually. They then professionally clean the recording, publish it to and DBL. They will also produce a Lumo gospel film using the audio. If your situation is difficult to accommodate a recording team, they have another recording platform called virtual recording that allows local speaker to record whatever Scripture is approved. FCBH is also recording portions if a NT is not complete yet. And they provide free players to local churches, pastors, schools, etc. You can contact FCBH at info@FCBHMAIL.ORG

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Note, FCBH will also do those same things (and for free) if you use HearThis to do the recordings.