"Multiple Books" -- end Book A / begin Book B on same page?

I’d like to print multiple books (the “5 Ts” plus Philemon). 1Th ends with 5 lines at the top of page 5, but 2Th begins on page 6. 2Th ends with 15 lines on page 8, but 1Ti begins on page 9. 2Ti ends with 9 lines on page 18, but Tt begins on page 19. And, finally, Tt ends with 13 lines on page 21, but Pm begins on page 22… To my eye it seems that a lot of unused space could be used. Is it possible with PTXPrint? Thanks for any help.

On the Body page, there is an option that should allow that:

Thanks Jeff. Not quite where I would have expected to find that ‘control’, but happy that it exists!