Multiple spelling in text and Glossary word

I’ve noticed an issue.

I’ve read in Documentation file at page number 17, 2nd part of 3.8:

If the glossary form is different from the form of the word in the text, use the vertical bar | character to specify the glossary form.
e.g. where ‘angel’ is in the glossary file:
\v 5 You have made them a little lower than the \w angels|angel\w* and crowned them with glory and honour.

The stated format only works with just single word. Like if that slashed word comes at other place and that word also has the marker \w angels|angel\w*, that doesn’t work means don’t show the meaning in app.

That slashed word works only on first word.

Kindly go through this.

Humble regards.

Can you give an example of what form is not working?

I tried the same as explained in document.
Like if there is


at multiple places and in glossary the spell is


, so when i give vertical bar at every word where angels occour, than only 1st word shows the meaning, other words don’t.

Hope you’ve got my idea…

Here is the test SFMs I made to test this.

Minimal MAT SFM

\id MAT
\h Mat-Test
\c 1
\v 1 There are \w angels|angel\w*.
\v 2 There are \w good angels|angel\w*.
\id GLO
\h Glossary
\m \k angel\k* a supernatural being

In my test both the word angels and good angels are highlighted as Glossary words.

So I am still not understanding what markup is not working?

You do have to mark up every word in the text that you want to be linked to the glossary. So every word angels needs to be marked as \w angels|angel\w* to be linked to the glossary.

I’ve tried all this. Marked every word in main text with vertical bar but the meaning is being shown on first linked word and don’t work on others…

I’ve tried like the same as you stated, but in SAB, when I explore in browser for testing the result, first marked word is showing the meaning but second don’t…

So in the app on the phone it works fine but in the browser it does not work.

Are you using the HTML version elsewhere? If you are only using the HTML for testing, then I’d rate the bug lower priority.

I’m pretty sure it is an HTML issue.

Let me try in app…
I’ll soon come back.

Previously I’ve just tried in HTML…
And in HTML it is a bug. Let me try in app also…

Dear @mcquayi
Just tested in app and working fine.
It is an HTML bug.
You can report as HTML bug.

Humble regards.

The same issue is there if you just have \w angel\w* twice in a chapter and export to HTML. It has nothing to do with the | and alternate spellings.

I have written it up already as a bug.