Narrowing Search option to a particular book or set of books

Thanks so much to the SAB team for enabling me to be the first person to put my language Bible on play store.
Thousands of people are already downloading the Otakada Ola Ojo, Otakada Ola Ojo Plus and the Pidgin Bible app. This gives me so much joy. Thanks so much for the opportunity you have given unto me to have had such powerful positive impact.
The only aspect I wish you can help us with is, if you want to search for a particular word, phrase or sentence, the search results will be displayed from the entire Bible. At times, this might be a too much bulky database to scroll through.
I’ll be happy if there’s a way to narrow the search to a particular book, to a particular set of books like poetry, history etc. And to either old or new testament
Thanks so much sir.
Hoping to hear from you soon