Navigation issue

I’m writing to report a navigation issue I’ve encountered in the Bible App, which was built with SAB 11.2. Typically, users can navigate back through the chapters by pressing the phone’s back button. For instance, if I’m reading Psalms chapter 3 and wish to return to Acts chapter 3, which I had previously read, I would simply press the back button. Now the back button is currently malfunctioning; instead of taking me to the previous chapters, it’s directing me straight to the content menu screen. This change has made it difficult to navigate through previously read chapters, causing frustration among users. I kindly request assistance in resolving this issue and would appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Can you double-check what setting you have selected under Navigation: Contents Menu : Contents Settings Tab, Navigation?

Back button in Android App built by SAB v11.1 & v11.2 skips to content menu instead of previous chapter. Worked fine in earlier versions with the same settings. Thank you.

Guy you be Naija guy right? This your question, na AI you use o. Which of the AI tool you use naa? Next time, try to edit it to human language small make people no detect am easily. For example, how back button take the malfunction naa? You for just edit that one commot.
Anyway, no rely so much on AI o. Your written English will be fine but it won’t reflect in your spoken English.

Anyway, thanks for this question were you ask. Me sef see am like that but as e be say anytime I ask question, them no d mind me, that’s why I kukuma keep kwayet.

There are also other things I noticed about 11.2 but I no wan bother them. At least them don try for us small. If no be them, some minority languages no go get Bible apps on Play Store today. Coupled with the fact say them no d mind me if I ask question.

Thanks brother. Your own be Yoruba abi Igbo? Ogadiriginma nagha Jesus
Ese pupo.

Thank you. I understand.