New Project Hear This for Android

So as a Transl Consultant in a project that was not recording at all (!) for a variety of reasons, I ran made a test project to demo the use of HearThis Android. Two problems–I can’t seem to get the project off my phone (where is it stored?) And I would like to now sync to a totally different project and cannot seem to do so.

The HearThis Android data is stored in “Internal Storage”. To clear all data from HT Android, you can open Settings and search for HearThis. Under Apps, you should see
App info
Open that and then click Storage. There you should have the option to Clear data. (Note that this would not be a good procedure to follow if you had multiple projects and just wanted to delete one of them.
Now when you open HearThis Andriod, you will have no projects and can start from scratch to synch to the project you want.
Note: It is possible to sync to multiple projects by clicking the main menu (three dots) button in the upper right of the HT Android app and choosing Sync with desktop app. With HearThis Desktop open to the project you want, If you scan or enter the IP address, the sync should add the new project. If you have more than one project in HearThis Android, it will give you a way to select the one you want.