No "Hamburger"/Menu Icon when using Table of Contents

The new navigation drawer is great. Thanks so much for all the work on this and all the sub-menus.

When a Table of Contents is being used in an app, the “Hamburger”/Menu icon is only visible when you are at the Table of Contents top level screen. If you are at a content page/screen, there is no Hamburger/Menu icon visible. I just realized you can slide the Navigation drawer in from the side but some users wouldn’t realize this. Below is a screenshot showing this.

This isn’t a huge deal but something to look at for next update or when updates to the Table of Contents feature are made.

I second that feedback :wink:

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This definitely needs to be fixed.


In SAB 4.6 onwards, we have added a Navigation Type setting to the Contents Settings tab: you can choose for the app to show either an arrow or a menu (hamburger) button after the user selects from the contents menu.

Which option do you choose?

  • If users are likely to make heavy use of the Contents menu to go back and forth between books, I suggest you use the arrow.
  • If the Contents menu is a helpful front screen to introduce users to content sections, but not something they will be using for navigation much of the time, use the hamburger icon. There is a contents home item at the top of the navigation drawer menu.