Numbered List All Changed to 1

Numbered lists in Doc is not honored and all displayed as “1” in the App.

e.g. My doc:

  1. Bouh dwmx, Boh’fax dauh slingj mid aen sleiq’gyaiq? Dap: gwnz youq sleiq-gyaiq vid-nanz-vid-lai, gwnz haet famh goj vid-nanz-vid-lai.
  2. Gwnz haet famh yaq, Boh’fax zoj haet leiz? Dap: Boh-fax goi taeng baenz-beij zoj hwnq yaeu-slaem, zoj slingj mid aen sleiq’gyaiq.

the numbers get changed into “\zoli2” tag and when build, it is all 1, I tried to getting rid of numbers and use bullets and getting rid the numbered list and manually adding numbers, all to the same result, a list with just 1, i.e. not incrementing.

The documentation says that lists are supported.

My test of numbered lists converted to lists with sequential numbers.

My guess is that you have another paragraph between each of your ordered list items.

The DOCX conversion to SFM it limited In SAB.

Thanks Ian, yes, that fixed it, getting rid of extra paragraph mark/new line between bullets.