Older Android display issues

I have a song book app which is working pretty well on a Android 6 device (other than the index alphabetical order described in another post), but there are a couple of display issues when I run it on an Android 4.4 tablet. First is that the splash screen doesn’t show up - it just presents a dark screen for the splash screen display time. Is there any way to fix that or we just need to live with it? And the second is that the number column in the indices is a little too narrow, and 3-digit song numbers wrap the last digit onto the next line, which is pretty ugly. I changed the style on those index numbers to be a little smaller and not bold, which does fix the problem, but I couldn’t find any way to tell SAB to make the song number column a little bit wider. It seems like it must be a fixed size, because displaying the index on this wide tablet still just uses the narrow column to the left. Is there any way to make that column a bit wider?