One team member has duplicated (and blank) passages

Yesterday I loaded the source audios (Sources - our step 1) and previously-recorded drafts (Record - our step 2), then left some discussion messages for my translation assistant to check in the third step (Term Verify).

As he began navigating those today and added some new recordings, I reviewed his work and left discussion messages in return. He began seeing duplicated passages in spreadsheet view (Project Setup Page). He had two rows, same information. One row would be flagged with a blue circle, indicating my addition to the discussion. However, he’d click on the link to Work, and the previous recordings, sources, and discussion were gone for him (I could still see them under my login).

He tried deleting one of the rows (first the flagged one for one passage, then the unflagged one for another), upon which both would be entirely deleted. (Hence, we now have no Matt 7:11 or 7:12 in our spreadsheet.) I think the missing audio files are still there, now as ‘unassociated’ audio.

This happened for him on numerous passages in Matt 7. So we had to quit work and wait till this gets sorted out. We appreciate your help!