option within the app to download mp4s from SE similarly to how audio is downloaded

I know that with audio not bundled in an app, once you download it upon the first usage of a chapter, for example, the audio stays on the device. And with video, if the app has been configured to first look for the video file on the device, it will use that and NOT try to go to the internet to stream the video. However, I DONꞌT think that SAB yet includes a way to have an app ―after looking on the device and not finding the mp4 file― go to where the mp4 can be downloaded (e.g. on Scripture Earth) and offer the option of downloading it - that might possibly mean the app would need to give two options at that point - download the file or stream it. Or am I wrong about this? This is especially relevant to those languages for which Scripture Earth hosts most or all of the pertinent mp4 files. Of course, people could potentially go to the relevant SE page and manually download the videos, but I suspect that the average user would not even know about that option.
If it is possible to include the option for downloading the mp4 files right through the app, it would be nice to also show the user the size of the file so they can take into consideration both the bandwidth that will be used and the storage space it will use on their device. On that second point, it might also be good to give the option as to where to store the file – on the internal memory or the microSD card (if available).
Thanks for considering this.