Picture story: wrong image and text displayed in landscape orientation

When I play the first story in the app, everything works fine. I can switch back and forth between portrait orientation and landscape without a problem. However, when I get to the end of the story and then swipe to the next (in portrait), the landscape orientation gets messed up! When I now turn the phone to landscape (in story 2), it shows me an image and the subtitling from the previous story. Wrong image and wrong subtitles that don’t match the audio. In order to reset it, I have to re-select the story in the book selector. Can this be fixed please? I tested this with different apps, different phones (e.g. Android 6 and Android 12) and it occurs in apps built with different SAB versions (e.g. SAB 9 and 10).

Be good to get a copy of the project to test with. Send details via personal message.