Poetry and List Paragraphs

The ‘Hanging Poetry Verse Numbers’ in the Body tab, is a great feature! It moves the verse number out of the paragraph towards the left (in the LTR situation) so that all the poetry paragraphs line up perfectly vertically whether or not they contain a verse number. Also the verse numbers are right-aligned, so that when you move from single digit verse numbers to double digits, the number extends to the left instead of right. This is fabulous and produces very professional looking typesetting for poetry.

This feature does not seem to apply to the list paragraphs. It would be great if the list paragraphs (\li \li1 etc) would have the same ‘Hanging’ feature. This is the look I am after:


Image from MAT 1 from a printed New Testament
Here, just like with the poetry paragraphs, The verse number is right-aligned and the text, including the wrapped lines, line up vertically. (The indent of the wrapped lined can of course be changed if different effect is desired.)

Is this a feature that PTXprint already has, and I haven’t found it, or is this something that others would want as well and could be easily added?


The NIV out-dents verse numbers in lists but does not tab them out like above: The green line is at the \li1 text alignment and the blue at the \li2. In this snip you can see the \li1 verse numbers are out-dented as are the \li2 verse numbers: 24, 25, 26 and 27.This allows alignment without giving lists the look of poetry.This is a snip of the Paratext next to an original typeset PDF

I have not checked this but hope this is the default way lists are formatted in PTXPrint.