Possible audio download error on Android 13 and 14 devices

I happened to test an app on an Android 14 emulator today (Android Studio). I found that the audio didn’t download. So I tried it in an Android 13 emulator again and experienced the same issue. However, when I test the same app on Android 12 (both emulator and physical device), the audio downloads work.

One more thing I noted on Android 13 & 14 was this: The first time I want to download an audio file, I get the “Notification permission” prompt. See screenshot. I don’t think it should come up at this time. However, there is no prompt asking for the permission to download audio or to access the media on the device.
Can anyone confirm what I’m seeing? I built the apps with SAB 11.0.1
Interestingly, when I test an older app built with SAB 10+, the audio downloads work also on Android 13.

I can confirm the same thing. I’m working with a client who is experiencing the same thing with a new Android 13 phone. We have been trying to figure out what it is, and thought it was phone related. Your post has helped us understand it is not an isolated issue.

@Friedo @Dan_Neville, Please install 11.0.2 that was just released to address this showstopper issue. I am working to update Scriptoria with this release.


Wow, thank you so much @ChrisHubbard for fixing this so quickly!

Thanks to @richard !

@ChrisHubbard @richard I’m experiencing this issue again with an app on Android 13 (emulator). It was built with SAB 11.0.3 Can you look at it again?

Please take a look at SAB 11.0.4. We fixed another issue related to finding audio files in Android 13+.