Possible Bug: Switching between Interface languages (LTR to RTL) that use different fonts

I have an app where the main translation text is a RTL language using Arabic script letters and custom SIL font, which is “Font1”. For the interface languages, I have one custom interface language which matches the translation text along with Arabic and Farsi interface languages…all three of these use “Font1”. Additionally, I have a 2nd custom interface language (which is the same language as the translation text but in a different, LTR Latin script) along with English and Turkish turned on…all three of which use a Latin based font “Font2”.

I have noticed that when I have the interface language set to Custom Language 2, English, or Turkish and I go to switch the interface language to one of the RTL interface languages which use Font1, the names of the RTL interface language appear very differently than they do when viewed using Font1 (either using a system font or Font2, I’m not sure).

I notice this in both Android and iOS version but the issue/bug is more pronounced in iOS version because when you switch from the LTR Interface languages that use Font2 to one of the RTL interface languages that use Font1, the navigation bar isn’t redrawn until you close the navigation bar so all the menus appear in the weird font. It is not a show stopper but definitely weird.