Possible to change wording when sharing the app from the app?

Anyone know if it’s possible to adjust the text that is generated when you share the app FROM the app? Currently says “I can recommend this app:” but my client would like it to customize the text.

I looked in sab:features>sharing where you can enable the sharing, but have not been able to find a place to adjust the text it generates on the share action itself. Am I missing something?

Yes, you can change it.
Go to Interface>Translations and half-way down the list you will see ‘Share_App_Link_Recommend’ and you can enter your own text there.
If the app interface is English I don’t know how to change the default English wording. One option would be to copy all of the English (copy+paste everything into Excel, copy+paste the English column into the blank column) and then just change that one line. Then you would need to change the interface language to ‘custom’ in Interface>Languages.
Hope that helps.

I was able to change the default English text in the English tab when I checked just now. SAB lets you edit the default English if you desire. (I didn’t build an app and test it so verify but at least you are able to edit it in SAB).