PTXprint Font not loadable, failed to create PDF

I’m new to PTXprint and maybe I tried something too difficult to start with. I’m wanting to create an Ajami (Arabic looking) script project, but I keep getting errors about the fond not being found. I’ve selected the Scheherazade font that it supposed to be used for the whole document. Here is the error message I’m getting.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
Or should I just email my archive file to for further help?

Look at the bottom of the error message: “The most likely reason for this error is that the selected font has not been installed for all users. See FAQ.” (Although I don’t actually see this issue in the FAQ…)

When you install a font it can either be installed for the local user or for all users. (Right–click on a .ttf font file and you will see those two options.) Only the latter option puts the font into the system fonts folder. (The other puts it in appdata somewhere.) PTXprint requires that latter option. I don’t actually know how you can tell where it is installed from the Fonts Control Panel. You can try in Windows Explorer browsing to an address of C:\Windows\Fonts, and I would assume that fonts installed for the local user won’t show up there. Anyway, an easy way to make sure is to uninstall your AS font from the Fonts Control Panel, and then install it explicitly for all users (right-click on the .ttf file and select Install of All Users).

Hope that helps,

Yes, Jeff is right that reading the bottom section of the error message usually gives you a hint about how to solve the issue. However, in this case (after some more digging) it turned out to be a bug in the code relating to the Bold, Italic and BoldItalic typefaces of the font not automatically being set in the secondary project of the diglot. We hope that this bug has been fixed now for the next release, but in the mean time, Andy, you can just set those manually after switching to the secondary project and visiting the Fonts+Scripts tab.

Hi @jeff_heath I wondered if there would be some reason like you explain. But I am able to create PDF booklets in the Ajami (Arabic) script, the Font error I got is just with the di-script version. Here is an example in Ajami script:

You may notice that I’ve used my own section headers, adapted from what you created, and page borders that have what I would call a “folio” inside the page border with Book & Chapter on the top, and page number on the bottom.

Hi, thanks for the tip, I’ll try setting the fonts again for the secondary di-script project.