PTXprint version 2.3 was just released - What's new?

Although there have been many incremental updates recently, this is the first major release for several months. Head over to the What’s New in version 2.3 page to get a taste of many of the new features that have been packed into this latest version.

Significant new features:

  • Added ability to create a Cover page PDF (with front, back, spine; crop marks & bleed)
  • Added feature to import settings from a PDF (previously generated by PTXprint)
  • Added other external cross-reference sources (incl. TSK, UBS, BibleWorks lists)
  • Added feature to insert Strong’s numbers in the text based on term renderings
  • Added ability to use Transcelerator questions (Notes+Refs > Study Notes+Questions)
  • Added feature generate Permission Request letter (for David C Cook)
  • Added ability to lock specific settings using config and/or project override files
  • Added RTL support for booklet pagination on finishing tab


  • No need to define styles for stretch/shrink (use \p^95 notation instead of \p_95)
  • Improved Style Editor reliability, added filter option and improved search
  • Improved interaction on the Layout tab (hover over highlights settings)
  • Check for program updates and indicate if an updated version is available
  • Added extra color to PDF diff output: “red has fled, blue is new”
  • Added auto-save option for the settings file editor
  • Added capability to reset to default values on spin buttons

General enhancements:

  • Allow inner, outer, & right options for margin notes and marginal verses
  • Added format labels (RGB, CMYK, BW, Spot, etc.) to output filenames
  • Ensure pictures are pulled in from secondary project for non scripture books
  • Added control to adjust gap between caption and figure (TeXpert Hacks)
  • Added conditional marker \zifvarset (useful for auto ISBN display on covers)
  • Added various blank/empty page controls (\zEmptyPage, \zNeed[Odd|Even|Quad]Page)
  • Added TeXpert Hacks tab for highly advanced options (with limited support)
  • Added option to control Rule Thickness (Advanced tab)
  • Removed warning if SIL found in copyright statement (as EL has been modified)
  • Added all OpenType lookup tags for font features
  • Improved creation of hyphenation file with user options and better logic
  • Improved Indic syllable-based hyphenation rules
  • Add facility for project-specific digit mappings
  • Added Hebrew digit mapping

Technical improvements:

  • Enabled installer to run PTXprint on ARM64 architecture
  • Config password is now hashed (to avoid being readable)
  • Added client/server IPC for Paratext integration
  • Display help for command line parameters on Windows (using -h flag)