Publishing Multiple APKs of an App

Scriptoria had to be modified to support publishing multiple APKs of an app to Google Play.

Starting in Scripture App Builder 7.0, if you are using Crosswalk or FFmpeg libraries, you can choose whether to compile a single APK containing libraries fore all device architectures or whether to create separate APKs for each architecture (arm, arm64, x86, x86_64). In SAB, see App > APK for more details on this setting. Google Play reports how many devices will be available for each architecture. When I tested this with an app set to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (API 16), here were the numbers:

  • arm - 15111
  • arm64 - 4615
  • x86 - 329
  • x86_64 - 28

The advantage to publishing multiple APKs is that the binary that is downloaded to the device is smaller. The downside is that sharing the installer file inside the app might not work between users if they don’t have the same architecture of phone.

Scriptoria automatically enables the “Share link to app on Google Play” if the app is published to Google Play (can be disabled, see Share App Link section in Publishing Properties). So at least the other user could download the app instead of sharing the installer file.

When publishing an app is complete, there are two addition links in Scriptoria for the product: Store Link and Publishing Link. One current limitation with the implementation of publishing multiple APKs is that the publishing link assumes there is only one APK so the end of the link is /files/published/apk. If you use the publishing link on a website to enable downloading from Scriptoria, change apk to:

  • arm-apk
  • arm64-apk
  • x86-apk
  • x86_64-apk