Push Notifications - Increase App Engagement

Hi guys,

I would like to request for a next release of SAB, a push notification ability. This is known to increase mobile app engagement. Most of the Bible apps I downloaded are all using it and it is working!

This is what I would love to see made available in SAB

  1. During first use or two, ask the user if they want to setup a daily reminder and precise what time they would want this feature, which will trigger a push notification. (eg. 8am every day)
  2. Remind the user, about the app if they have not used the app for a while (ability to set when this would be triggered in SAB)
  3. Add the ability to track when people opened the app via the push notification using Analytics.
  4. Allow the ability to customise the text which is displayed but also limit the number of characters used due to OS limitation. (https://www.urbanairship.com/blog/brevity-wit-the-ideal-push-notification-length)
  5. Remind people to rate the app on the appstore
  6. Encourage people to share the app.

For anyone interested on how Push Out notifications could be used, here is a good link: https://www.urbanairship.com/blog/50-push-notification-ideas-you-can-start-using-today

Looking forward to know what you guys think about that, and how likely this would be develop at SIL.

Thanks for all you hard work,


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I agree with this. Do you need more votes for this? If so, how does one vote?

I agree with this suggestion too!

Yes, we definitely want to add push notifications and we have started experimenting with it.

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Agree. I would love to have this feature too…

Hi all,

This has now been developed with Firebase. Maybe everyone who has voted for this feature, you could maybe remove your vote for this feature and choose a new one :wink: