PWA Install Option: Often Missing

We are building and testing PWAs, and hope to start promoting them.
However, many of the PWA sites (of Bibles from this forum) that I visit (in Chrome) do not provide the Install option as expected/described.

Is there something we can do about? Any workarounds for this?
How do we promote this as an offline option if sometimes the install option is not there?

Thanks, Mike

This page details how to use webapk to make PWA’s install automatically on Android with no user actions. I hope this can be implemented soon, since users will have a hard time finding the install function in phone browsers.

Until it is you can use the info on the page above to have the browser make a shortcut. Chrome is the most reliable, but Edge, and firefox also work in my testing. If you remove a desktop shortcut to a PWA, the browser may not create it a 2nd time. More testing needed.

We are rolling out a PWA using QR codes to advertise it. Even if they don’t install it, one click to get to the translation is wonderful.