PWA problem on iPhone

On the iPhone (7 Plus) using Safari, I select “Add to Home Screen”. When I open the icon, it only contains the books/chapters that I view before I turn off the WiFi.

It works well on Windows with Chrome. When I try iPhone w/ Chrome, the option for “Add to Home Screen” is not available.


Are we doing something wrong?

With the current PWA, the device has to downloads all the chapters before it is really a PWA. This can take some time even on a good internet connection. Unfortunately, there is no visual indication that it is ready. This is one of the reasons that we are re-writing the PWA.

If I saved it as a Web Archive to a folder on the Phone I could open that fine. That folder was only 1.5MB.

But if I opened the “installed” PWA and left I open for 30 min, but it still failed on every book/chapter I tried without internet.

I did find one rough workaround.

  1. Click on “Send To” icon
  2. Click on “Options” link at the very top
  3. Select “Web Archive”
  4. “Save to Files” is the only option at this point. It works, but no icon is available on the home screen.